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Item No:  TC05
NameThermocouple Sensors


1.J Tpye:-200 oC ~1000oC

2.S Type:0 oC ~1768oC

3.R Type:0 oC ~1768oC

4.T Tpye:-250 oC ~400oC

5.K Tpye:-250 oC ~1372oC

6.N Tpye:-250 oC ~1300oC

7.E Tpye:-250 oC ~1000oC

8.B Tpye:200 oC ~1800oC


Applications: Temperature sensors, thermocouple wire and metal-sheathed, mineral insulated cable for temperature sensing applications in plastics manufacturing, chemical processing, packaging, HVAC, heat treating, food processing, primary metals, bio-medical, aerospace, and more.

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