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A leading Taiwan Heaters Manufacturer and Thermocouple sensor, air heaters manufacturer, heating element manufacturer, tubular heater Suppliers, Cheng Tay Company located in the most advanced port city Chungli of Taiwan.


Established in 1971 , CT HEATER & INSTRUMENT CO., LTD . has been in the business of developing and introducing the latest machinery while pioneering new electrical heating techniques. We have the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to be or define world-class quality. Therefore, made us the only specialists in Taiwan that can supply tailor-made or prototype heating elements for the entire scientific and industrial spectrum. Our years of experience have enabled us to even help our clients to solve their own machinery problems or improving its performance.

For over thirty years, our name has stood for quality, flexibility and innovation. Our clients come to us with the knowledge that whatever their heating needs are, we have the solution for them.

We are committed to continually building our reputation, knowledge and respond quickly to the world's changing needs. Our business approach is to meet our client's needs and to offer a competitive price.

Please contact us with your inquiries.

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