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A leading Taiwan Heaters Manufacturer and thermocouple sensor, air heaters manufacturer, heating element manufacturer, tubular Heater Supplier, Cheng Tay Company, is located in the most advanced port city Chungli of Taiwan.
The casting heater, also called cast-in heater, is one of the strongest heaters currently available. It can withstand shock, vibration or contamination. Cast heaters generally have a longer heater life than other heaters, but the investment cost is usually higher. Casting heaters are very suitable for plastic processing, food heating, pharmaceutical facilities, medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing and other industries.

Cheng Tay provides various material cast heaters for clients, including cast copper heaters, cast aluminum heaters and other customizable products. Our cast-in heater that the difference between copper and aluminum is the process operating temperature and watt density. Aluminum is used up to 400 deg F and 100 watts per square inch, while copper is used from 400 – 750 deg F and 60 watts per square inch. Aluminum is the predominant alloy used for the Cast Heaters. Copper based alloys (bronze and brass) are used when the required operating temperatures exceed the maximum for aluminum. Please contact us immediately to understand more details about our products!