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A leading Taiwan Heaters Manufacturer and thermocouple sensor, air heaters manufacturer, heating element manufacturer, tubular Heater Supplier, Cheng Tay Company, is located in the most advanced port city Chungli of Taiwan.
What is an electric immersion heater?
Electric immersion heater is a kind of device,  are used to heat many liquid substances like water, oil, chemicals and even to stabilize gas within their tanks. 

What are the advantage of an electric immersion heaters?
The unique advantage of electric immersion heaters is that it can be applied effectively and economically almost everywhere thermal energy is required. Electric heat is neither limited or restricted by environmental considerations and is frequently the only solution to specific problem.

What are the applications for industrial electric immersion heater?
They can be used in a wide range of industries, such as chemical, oil and gas, petroleum, food industries, process heating and etc. for helping keep liquids at the correct temperature.

Cheng Tay offers four main types of industrial immersion heater for global clients, including screw plug Immersion heater, flange type electric immersion heater, over-the-side type electric immersion heater, PTFE electric immersion heater. Please contact us immediately to understand more details about our products!